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The Internet Sure Is Interesting – 3/22

22 Mar

The Internet Sure Is Interesting” is a Monday through Friday link dump consisting of odd news, fun sites, cool videos and everything in between.  If you have something interesting you found on the Internet send me an email at ImTribute@gmail.com.

[Gadgets] – Some Gadgets That Are Just Awesome

[Video] – Google Chrome Snooki’s Baby Commercial

[Video] – Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel

[Odd News] – The Weirdest Last Words By Death Row Inmates

[Odd News] – Jedward’s energy takes them to the end of the LA marathon

[Odd News] – Man stops posting court ordered Facebook apology

[Odd News] – Teen’s porn star date to prom scuttled by district officials

[Interesting] – A scroll through guide explaining the movie Inception

[Music News] – Tool Likely Headed Back to the Studio

[Odd News] – Boulder Breaks Free, Crushes Vehicles & Smashes Into Home

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