About 3TW

The name is Carlos, but on the Internet I am better known as Im Tribute or simply Tribute. A little information about me; I live in the SF Bay Area of California and I strongly support the efforts that are being made to get cannabis legalized. Currently I am going to school to get my Degree in Multimedia Technology with an emphasis in Graphic Design but lately I have been considering Photography as a new focus.

So, what the hell is Tribute to the Web? Well, my plan for the site is to create a place full of all the different reasons why I personally enjoy the Internet. Tribute to the Web is just what the tagline says, it’s “A Few Reasons Why I Like the Internet”. Here you will find interesting/entertaining videos, pictures of drop dead gorgeous women as well as some stuff to make you laugh and/or say “What the fuck?”, funny/weird/odd news from around the world, cool gadgets, music from a large range of artists and I will be posting some of my personal photography occasionally. These are some of the  reasons why I enjoy the web, I hope you enjoy them as well!

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