Man Finds Original Picasso In Thrift Store

3 Apr

As Zach Bodish traced his usual route through the thrift store last week, passing the metal shelves of castaway posters and photographs, one word caught his eye. Picasso.

It was on a framed poster, alongside a crudely etched face and a French phrase advertising a 1958 exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s work. Bodish, who figured it was a nice reproduction, paid the $14.14 price at the Volunteers of America in Clintonville and went home.

But as the 46-year-old University District resident researched the piece online, he noticed a red scribble in the corner of his thrift-store find, the same place where Picasso penned a scarlet signature on some original versions.

“I started shaking a little bit,” said Bodish, who has an interest in art but admits he is by no means a collector.

“I realized it wasn’t going to make me rich, but still, how often do you find a Picasso?”

The print could sell for up to $6,000 at auction, or twice that if sold at a gallery, said Todd Weyman, vice president of Swann Auction Galleries in New York City. Read the whole story here.


2 Responses to “Man Finds Original Picasso In Thrift Store”

  1. thoughtsontheatre April 3, 2012 at 9:34 AM #

    Not your average thrift store haul, but wonderful!

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