Nobody Wants To Adopt The Voldemort Cat

11 Feb

This is a funny yet kind of sad story. Charlie, the cat pictured above looks a whole lot like the evil dark wizard Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. Why does Charlie look like “he who shall not be named”? Well, he was an abandoned cat, and his pale skin didn’t help much to protect him from the sun, so he developed skin cancer and had to go through multiple surgeries that have left him looking the way he does. Ok sadness over, the topper to this story, is not only does the cat look like Voldemort, but it also doesn’t get along with the other animals and needs to be kept in solitude.

I’m not a cat fan, in fact I hate cats, but I can’t help but feel bad for this cat, I know that it probably won’t get adopted, not only because of it’s facial deformities but also the fact that the cat is 14 years old and doesn’t get along well with other animals. That’s just a recipe for a life in an animal shelter. Who knows though, maybe one day Charlie will get picked up by a family that is infatuated with the Harry Potter series, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Read the whole story here.


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